Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris has been heavily criticized for publicly asking Twitter to close President Donald Trump’s account.

During a statement to The Hill, Harris stated:

“Frankly, when you look at what he’s been tweeting today directed at the whistleblower, directed at so many people, you know, I, frankly, think that based on this and all we’ve seen him do before, including attacking members of Congress, that he, frankly, should be—his Twitter account should be suspended.”

These statements came after President Trump shared on Twitter a phrase by Pastor Robert Jeffress in reference to the Democratic Party’s controversial impeachment attempt against the president.

“If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal,” Pastor Jeffress said.

Harris’s statements produced many reactions that criticized her for her lack of respect for freedom of expression.

“She is quite familiar with stepping on people’s rights …,” commented one person on Twitter.

Actor Rob Schneider wrote:

“Government officials asking corporations to sensor people is grossly unAmerican. Free Speech is to protect not just the speech you like but also the speech you find abhorrent,” and he added that “[freedom of speech] is for all or none.

“You use the excuse of inciting violence and hate speech to try to hide the fact that you are trying to silence and detect all political opposition to your party. Your side [the left] regularly incites violence in this country,” another man added to the discussion on Twitter.

The California senator was recently criticized for laughing when an attendee at one of her rallies called Donald Trump ‘mentally retarded’ and replied:

“Well said, well said,” and she added, “I plan to win this election, I’ll tell you that.”

The senator’s popularity has plummeted in recent weeks according to the Real Clear Politics barometer.

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