A Kenyan national living in Dallas Texas was originally charged with murder in March 2018. He had murdered 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris. This month he has been charged with murdering 11 more elderly women. All between the ages of 76 and 94 years old.

Breitbart News found the accused serial killer, Billy Chemirmir, 46, had come to the United States on a tourist visa—known as the B-2 visa—in July 2003, but never returned to Kenya, thus overstaying his visa.

Chemirmir was able to use a loophole in the U.S. immigration system and obtained a green card in November 2007, after having married a U.S. citizen, and consequently qualifying for the card.

The illegal alien had worked as a home health care worker and was a home aid to some of the women he allegedly murdered.

Furthermore, prosecutors claim a serial killer in the area suffocated the elderly women to death with a pillow and stole their jewelry.

A law enforcement source told Breitbart that Chemirmir had a previous criminal record, that included convictions for drunk driving, trespassing, assault, and obstructing a police officer.

The Kenyan national has been formally charged with twelve murders of elderly women in the Texas area, but police said there could be more victims. Currently, investigators are checking about 750 deaths of elderly women in the area.

Chemirmir has been in custody since last year on a $1 million bond.

Two women lived to tell

The murderer also faces two attempted murder charges in Plano and Frisco, Texas. Plano police allege that Chemirmir forced his way into the Plano woman’s apartment in March 2018.

Chemirmir told her to go to her bed and not fight him. That’s when Chemirmir placed a pillow over her face, according to Dallas News. She lost consciousness and was later revived after a friend found her and called 911. Her jewelry was missing. Police then began looking into other deaths of elderly women in the complex.