In shocking sworn statements, a former FBI agent and an ex-cop revealed that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Texas political director, Dallas Jones, and his underlings forged ballots by filling them out on their own, according to the Sept. 28 National File.

The two former law enforcement officials acted as private investigators, claiming to have documentation, a video, and witness evidence of the falsifications using dead or homeless people and nursing home residents’ identities.

A partial redaction of Mark A. Aguirre’s affidavit reads, “I am a retired captain with the Houston Police Department I am now a private investigator.

“I am currently involved in an investigation related to a wide-ranging, and fraudulent ballot harvesting scheme in Harris County intended to rig the elections in the Houston/Harris County area. This scheme involves voter fraud on a massive scale.

“Based on interviews, review of documents, and other information, I have identified the individuals in charge of the ballot harvesting scheme. These individuals includes political consultant Dallas Jones who was recently hired by the Joe Biden for President campaign to oversee their Harris County initiative. District 13 Texas State Senator Borris Miles, who is the handler of Mr. Jones, political consultant Gerald Womack, and Precinct 1 Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis. One of the companies these individuals are using as a front for this operation is AB Canvassing, although there are others that have been identified that we are investigating.”

“I have in my possession video-taped interviews of witnesses attesting to the aforementioned people having groups of people completing thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, including completing ballots for deceased individuals; illegally going into nursing homes, with the complicity of the nursing home staff, and filling out and forging the signatures of nursing home residents; signing up homeless individuals to vote using the ballot harvester’s address then completing the ballot and forging the homeless individual’s signature.”

“Two witnesses stated to me that there are two individuals employed at the Harris County Clerk’s Office who are aware of the illegal ballots and help facilitate and mask the processing of the ballots into the legal stream of ballots,” said one investigator.

The affidavits were filed separately with the Texas Supreme Court on Sept. 28 and are part of a class-action lawsuit against Harris County and Texas’s state filed by several citizens, including MD Steven Hotze.

Another private investigator, Charles F. Marler, formerly worked for the FBI as an Investigative Specialist conducting undercover operations on espionage and terrorist targets.

Marler’s affidavit said in part, “In December 2019, I was approached by two people who witnessed the activity of an illegal vote collection operation in Harris County. Since that time, I have been investigating the illegal vote collection operation. … An employee of the Ellis Commission, Tyler James, has boasted that he could guarantee that the illegal vote collection operation, with the help of the mass mail ballots, could harvest 700,000 of them.”

The irregularities with the mail ballots are very numerous, involving several regions of the country and are attributed to the Democrats as in this case.

A recent report by Project Veritas revealed that leftist Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota also used illegal vote collection.

Also, they bring assistants from other places to vote in Minnesota, who end up voting in Minnesota for the Democrats, under the non-existent control of election officials.