A federal law enforcement agency said U.S. residents, who escaped genocide in their homeland, are still being targeted in cyberspace.

The FBI confirmed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is “almost certainly” persecuting native Uighur people and other groups through targeted cyber attacks.

“Chinese government officials are … employing transnational repression techniques to target U.S.–based Uyghurs and other Chinese diaspora members in the United States,” the bureau said in an unclassified counter intelligence bulletin.

BL understands state-sponsored hackers want to silence dissent, collect personal data, and force Chinese dissidents to follow the CCP’s narrative on sensitive issues. Other sensitive topics include the persecution of peaceful underground Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, and Falun Gong adherents.

If a Chinese dissident refuses, the CCP might resort to retaliatory behavior. Potential reprisals can include detaining a U.S.-based person’s family or friends, confiscating assets, and either online or face-to-face harassment in mainland China.

Six U.S.–based Radio Free Asia journalists complained about the Chinese regime detaining dozens of their Uighur family members. Their only crime was being related to authors of articles that criticize the CCP.

A different U.S.–based Uighur woman complained about Beijing officials contacting her via WeChat messages and calls. They wanted her to stop publicly criticizing the persecution of the Uighur people.

Facebook Inc. revealed Chinese hackers used fake profiles to target about 500 Uighurs abroad, including in the United States during March 2021.

“Threatened consequences for non-compliance routinely include … Chinese government attempts to force repatriation, computer hacking and digital attacks, and false representation online,” the FBI said.

This activity has continued despite U.S. government sanctions against different CCP officials and public objection to the CCP’s “human rights and democratic abuses.”

“This transnational repression activity violates U.S. laws and individual rights,” the FBI said

Since 2017, the CCP has detained more than 1.8 million Uighurs in Chinese re-education camps where they suffer arbitrary detention, torture, forced labor, forced sterilization, political indoctrination, and sexual abuse.

U.S. law enforcement officers have been urged to contact the FBI if any individual reports CCP harassment.

“Law enforcement should remain particularly vigilant for Chinese government-backed targeting of U.S.–based Uighurs, as well as U.S.–based Tibetans, Falun Gong members, Taiwan and Hong Kong advocates, and Fox Hunt targets,” the FBI said.

“Members of the public are similarly encouraged to report suspected Chinese government-backed transnational repression activity of any kind to the FBI,” it added.

Concerned citizens can report suspicious activity at fbi.gov/tips or by phoning 1-800-225-5324.

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