A pro-abortion group broke into a peaceful pro-life Catholic campus demonstration, spitting and singing “Hail Satan!” on Sept. 30 in Washington.

TFP Student Action pro-life activists organized a small demonstration with brochures and music at George Washington University in D. C. However, the situation changed quickly with the eruption of the violent group.

A press release issued by TFP Student Action detailing the facts stated: ” GWU police did not intervene until Washington, D.C. police officers arrived to help control the unruly mob” and TFP Director of Student Action John Ritchie, described that at least three of the volunteers were beaten and spit on.

As recorded on the tapes, a nervous woman kicked things and shouted, “It’s still a baby inside, but I have every right to decide what to do with my own trash.”

Other aggressors demanded that TFP Student Action immediately leave the campus sidewalk, claiming they had no right to be there, according to The Blaze.

TFP Student Action reported that abortion advocates soon used social networks to organize like-minded people to meet and confront its members, who were quickly outnumbered.

“Hail Satan!” shouted a pro-abortion demonstrator, while a male student said, “I eat baby lungs for breakfast!”

One TFP volunteer said he was kicked in the back of the leg, while another pointed out that students repeatedly hit the cast on his arm.

Washington police came between the two groups creating a safe zone, though that didn’t help much.

“The mob showed neither respect for the police officers nor obeyed their orders,” said Ritchie. “They just continued screaming: ‘My body, my choice.”

Soon, police officers escorted the pro-life group to their vehicles.

But it didn’t end there, according to Ritchie. One of the assailants placed a pro-abortion sign on one of the windshields, and others began spitting out the windows of the truck.

“If they don’t respect the most innocent lives of the unborn, do you really think you can trust pro-abortion activists to respect anyone?”

“Our culture has strayed so far from God and reason that what used to be self-evident is not so clear anymore, especially on left-wing college campuses where procured abortion is considered to be more than a right,” Ritchie said.