Police arrested an abortion doctor on Oct. 18, accused of pointing a gun at a group of people demonstrating peacefully in front of his office, according to a report from the Phoenix, Arizona, police department.

Dr. Ronald Yunis, 52, on Oct. 10 allegedly threatened the group carrying pro-life signs in front of his office, according to the video taken by one of the demonstrators and handed over to the police as evidence.

Elvis Kesto denounced the assault and a week later, again in front of Yunis’s office, called the police when he saw the doctor arrive.

Officers Bobby Madeira and Wilson showed up an hour later and after talking to the defendant said there was not enough evidence for an arrest and that Yunis said he had not brought a gun to his office, despite the video showing otherwise, according to local media The Blaze.

Jeff Durbin, pastor of the Apologia Church [the church that started the End Abortion Now initiative], said that the police were treating them differently.

“If we had been involved in something like [what Yunis allegedly did], there’s no doubt [I] would be behind bars,” he added, “We’ve never seen anything like this,” according to AZFamily.com, and: “This is a doctor pulling a deadly weapon and pointing it at them and threatening them. This is a very serious situation.”

The event that brought people together in peaceful protest was organized by End Abortion Now, a coalition of churches that seeks to end abortions in abortion clinics and uses advertising and legislative means.

Yunis was finally taken into custody at the Maricopa County Jail on the charge of aggravated assault.

At other times advocates for babies in the womb who are at risk of being aborted have been attacked.

In San Francisco, California, on March 14, an 85-year-old pro-life activist was assaulted by a man who snatched a banner from the demonstrator and then kicked him wildly when he tried to get it back.

This happened while the elderly gentleman was trying to offer help to women who might contemplating abortion, in the vicinity of a Planned Parenthood clinic.