President Trump delivered opening remarks of a speech in Madison Square Park in Manhattan as part of New York’s 100th annual Veterans Day parade. He was the first sitting president to address the event and gave a speech that largely avoided politics and instead focused on American veterans and troops.

Despite the nature of the event, groups of protesters gathered nearby. The group could be heard blowing loud whistles and yelling, “Lock him up!”

Supporters of the president, meanwhile, wore red “Make America Great Again” hats, chanted “Trump 2020,” and waved flags and signs that said, “Veterans for Trump.” 

A World War II veteran named Jimmy expressed his anger at the people protesting President Trump. He blasted, “These protesters should be ashamed of themselves … Choose another time to protest … Don’t ruin this day of celebrating our vets —GO HOME !!”

The video clip went viral on Twitter with many comments supporting Jimmy.

“He speaks for many veterans. I don’t know anyone that has served that feels any different than this man,” a person said.

“He’s still fighting for this country to this day. God bless this man,” another wrote.

“Freedom to protest is fine but sometimes toning it down out of respect and common decency should take precedent. What did the protesters accomplish other than ruin a day for those we honor,” a person commented.

“The mistake was allowing the lawlessness in the streets after the election. We should have shut it down. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. This is the fault of the Democrats. They’re destroying our country and we’re letting them. New legislation needed,” another audience said.

Trump supporters at the site also shared their opinions.

Air Force veteran Victor Bohm, associate director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said some in the crowd forgot what Veterans Day is all about. 

“Today is not about the president,” said Bohm, whose organization advocates for vets and helps them make the transition to civilian life. “It is about veterans and we want to keep it that way, about veterans,” reported by News Day. 

“You should go to China,” a senior citizen who supported Trump told an elderly woman who held a handwritten sign that said, “Trump Pence Out Now” at the corner of 24th Street and Broadway. “You should be ashamed of yourself. You should die.” 

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