We don’t see much cursive writing being taught in elementary schools anymore but numerous states across the country are moving to reintroduce it into their curriculums. A school in Texas is one of that many that will start off the 2019-2020 school year this month. 

According to the updated Texas Education Code, public school students in the second grade will be expected to “write complete words, thoughts, and answers legibly in cursive writing leaving appropriate spaces between words.”

Additionally, fourth-graders will be expected to “write legibly in cursive to complete assignments,” and it will be a mandatory requirement for fifth-graders.

DeEtta Culbertson, a spokeswoman for the Texas Education Agency, told CNN that previous education standards released in Texas, including in 2009, included cursive writing, but the new standards set to go into effect added “more emphasis” on cursive.

However, cursive writing is quite a controversial topic nowadays as some wonder how useful being able to write in cursive. 

In response, Nay Roach, a fourth-grade teacher at Sam Houston Elementary School, spoke out in support of the changes. He told KSLA “I’m from the old school, but with government documents and contracts and things like that, you need your cursive signature.”

“Everybody writes cursive differently from others and that’s how they detect problems,” Mark Brassfield, another Texas resident pointed out to the outlet that signatures are often used by institutions to detect irregularities.

Since 2016, a total of 18 states have moved to re-embracing cursive, with 14 of those states being located in the South, according to CNN.