Shannon Frandreis, a TikTok user, stunned her fellow fans when she caught a ball with her prosthetic leg at a recent Chicago White Sox game. The crowd erupted in applause and cheered for Frandreis as she lifted her leg into the air, a large smile lighting up her face.

The video of her incredible catch, which she released on TikTok, has received over 2 million views and 400,000 likes, New York Post reported.


Five beers in, and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea #fypシ #mlb #chicago #barstoolsports #amputeelife @barstoolsports

♬ original sound – Shannon Frendreis

“Five beers in, and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea,” Frandreis wrote as the caption. 

TikTok users were ecstatic and congratulated her on her historic home run grab.

“She had a leg up for everyone,” one user wrote. 

“The fact that everyone else is equally happy for you makes my heart smile,” another said. 

The video was even shared online by the NHL’s Dallas Stars, quoted: “A Star in the making.”

Even big corporations, such as Arby’s, congratulated Frandreis, according to Daily Mail.

“YO @ESPN WHERE YOU AT !?”, the fast-food corporation wrote. 

“Swipe right to see us be drunk enough to use my leg to catch a ball,” Frandreis captioned the video on her Instagram page.

Frandeis also stated in the comments section that she removes her prosthetic leg at various times.

The White Sox face the Houston Astros in Game 1 of the ALDS on Thursday, Oct. 7.

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