President Donald Trump is the target of attacks from a series of fake accounts linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), on social networks.

The fake accounts are part of a network called Spamouflage Dragon, which posts videos predicting that President Trump will lose re-election and praises the activities of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Graphika investigative agency reported on Aug. 12.

The network’s technology is considered relatively advanced because it uses artificial intelligence to create fake faces and produces at least one video per day.

“It seems that the network is trying to generate a high volume of pro-Chinese government [CCP] content, and then hide it by surrounding it with spam content,” said Ben Nimmo, Graphika’s director of research, quoted by the BBC in May.

“The most striking feature of the Spamouflage Dragon network is its resilience,” Graphika said while suggesting theories as to why some of the Spamouflage Dragon accounts, opened since 2019, had not been removed at the time of the April report.

“Other accounts were created in early 2020, and others seem to have been obtained and reused for pro-Chinese messaging needs,” Graphika adds. It appears that the network of accounts has already been tapped.

Bloomberg also reported on such accounts, “An army of (artificially managed) bot accounts linked to an alleged propaganda campaign backed by the Chinese government [CCP] is spreading misinformation in social media about the coronavirus [CCP Virus] and other issues,” he reported in May.

Meanwhile, ProPublica, a nonprofit organization that investigates abuses of power, has tracked more than 10,000 allegedly bogus Twitter accounts involved in a CCP propaganda campaign since August 2019.

The ‘robot’ accounts have been known to specialists for years, and are very numerous.

A German intelligence service reported in 2017 that the CCP’s spy agency had created false profiles on the LinkedIn platform, in order to intervene in politically and financially influential environments, according to DW.

The U.S. intelligence service recently reported the preference of the CCP and the Russian and Iranian regimes for Trump not to be re-elected; this decision must have been heavily influenced by the sanctions applied by the Trump administration in defense of U.S. interests.