There is growing concern in the United States about the growth of pedophilia on social networks and websites. Recently, a young woman led a petition with the objective of gathering signatures to demand justice and close a website that functions as a forum for pedophiles where they tell of their experiences and exchange photographic material.

The petition filed by the young woman, Belle DeMasi, asks the FBI to investigate a pedophile website where thousands of members talk openly about child abuse. The petition quickly became viral on social networks and reached over 175,000 signatures. 

“We live in a society that is trying to justify and normalize rape and pedophilia, and this is UNACCEPTABLE,” DeMasi states in her application.

Nearly 30,000 messages could be read until a few days ago from the page now listed as blocked. The messages shared depraved stories about children (sometimes about the children of the writers themselves) and fantasies or plans to carry out rape and murder of women and children. Some of these are stories that ask for advice on how to rape, how to murder, how to seduce children. 

As the Neon Nettle website comments, several YouTubers tried to publicize the forum, and to show the perversities that were in there with the intention of having it denounced and eventually closing down access. 

One of these videos uploaded by the renowned YouTuber Repzion, with the slogan “this site must be closed,”, reached more than 370,000 views. 

According to the analysis made by the Newsweek site, the forum seems to have its origins in the “Incel” community, a male subculture that targets women who are accused, according to their interpretation, of denying them their right to sex. Some extremists in this culture go so far as to promote violence or rape. 

The website also includes a section where members can share “adult stories about pedophilia, rape, blood, science fiction issues” and another for users to organize or discuss “meetings.” There are several gallery entries listed as blocked for nonmember subscriptions, which are labeled as private.

Interestingly, the forum’s administrator, who has over 3,000 registered members, seems not to have tried to hide his identity. His account details are even listed under the pseudonym “Leucosticte,” which was previously linked to Nathan Larson, a 39-year-old man in Catlett, Virginia, known for repeatedly running for public office promoting the legalization of child pornography, incestuous marriage, and the repeal of laws against violence against women. 

According to the Independent, Larson has admitted to having created several websites, which although already eliminated were active for quite some time, where the values of the Incel community (to which he claims to belong) were disseminated, promoting the enslavement and rape of women and child pornography. 

Currently there is no official statement regarding the reported website, and it could not be confirmed if the blocking was due to a voluntary act of its creator or if there is a court order that has ruled it so.