The lead attorney for the Trump campaign Sidney Powell is about to cause shock waves that will reverberate across the globe, as she reveals the “smoking gun evidence” her team has been collating to prove the Dominion voting Systems/Scytl voter fraud. This remarkable and fearless woman, with the help of many Republicans, is set to turn the voting system on its head.

The explosive details Powell is prepared to reveal over the next two weeks will be more than enough evidence to prove that voter fraud has infiltrated much of America.

Speaking to Larry O’Connor on the Washington Examiner podcast, Powell says she is willing to stake her personal and professional reputation on the allegations she has made. She has pictures of votes being manipulated in real-time and has estimated that a staggering 7 million votes for President Trump were changed for Biden.

“We’ve got a number of smoking guns. And we may have to get witness protection for them,” Powell told O’Connor. Mountains of evidence via signed, sworn affidavits from eyewitnesses are all admissible evidence in court, and the evidence gathered, which will be presented in court,” said Powell, “It’s beyond impressive and absolutely terrifying.”

Bags of ballots for Trump have been trashed, evidence of shredders running, ballots from military personnel were thrown out if they were for Trump and replaced with ballots for Biden, said Powell, and she has the evidence to prove it.

With five of the six battleground swing states now under the jurisdiction of conservative judges, in the Supreme Court, the truth of the “irredeemably tainted” fraudulent votes will be exposed when the filed cases reach the Supreme Court, handing President Trump a clear victory, within excess of 300 votes surmised Powell.

Bernie Sanders was deprived of the election in 2016 by Hilary Clinton said Powell, using the same corrupt software, and when Sanders was told about it he refused to do anything, “He sold out,” she said.

Over the next two weeks, the fraud complaint presented to the courts will make people’s jaws hit the floor, Powell has said. Evidence is continuing to flow in, and the failure of the government to see the Dominion machines and other voting machines as corrupt is appalling, she said. A criminal investigation should be carried out, allowing the public to regain faith in the system. It is coordinated, well-funded, and deliberate. This is criminal theft, not just mistakes.

And it is a huge national security issue, Powell said.

“It’s not just the Dominion machines, the same DNA code of the corrupt system is in other voting machines around the country too,” said Powell.

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