The sudden increase of hospitalized patients of the CCP Virus in Missouri over the weekend of Independence Day left the hospital staff scrambling, as it was not prepared with enough ventilators in place. 

On the fourth of July, Chief administrative officer Erik Frederick of hospital Mercy Springfield announced that his clinic was temporarily out of available ventilators to treat the record number of new CCP Virus patients.

“116 COVID+,” he wrote, “New day, new record. Spent the night looking for ventilators because we ran out. 47 patients on vents. A lot of those are COVID but not all. We’re blessed to be part of a large health ministry.”

Fortunately, assistance came quickly to tackle the shortage. On Monday, July 6, Frederick updated that ventilators had been sent from neighboring facilities, including Northwest Arkansas and St. Louis.

“St. Louis, Northwest Arkansas, and Oklahoma City Mercy hospitals are not seeing the COVID surge that we are seeing. We are grateful they are here to provide us additional support,” said Frederick, as reported by KY3

“We put one right into service, and we have about 14 on standby right now. When we look at our census of 115 patients, about 85 of those patients right now are on some kind of mechanical ventilation support. That’s pretty scary,” he updated on the following day of the national event. 

According to the New York Post, Springfield, the third-largest city of Missouri with a population of more than 160,000 residents, saw a sharp increase of 27 percent in the number of patients admitted to hospital allegedly due to the dangerous Delta variant. This is also the area that accounted for a modest proportion of vaccinated citizens.

Missouri has been struggling with the highly contagious Delta strain from India. It was during June that the variant started to take over the state and it quickly doubled new cases per seven-day period. Missouri is now leading the nation with alarming rates of infected patients. 

Since the start of July, more than 500 new cases had been confirmed by officials in Springfield. As of Monday, two hospitals of the city, CoxHealth, and Mercy Springfield, already admitted 213 patients of the CCP Virus. 

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