According to the police chief, an Abilene man— who appears to be homeless and handicapped— is living well by panhandling on weekends.

Chief Stan Standridge said the man panhandles at the junction between Hwy 83/84 and FM 707 every Saturday and Sunday.

He sits in a wheelchair and calls to people concerned about the person they think is homeless have been received by the police department.

Standridge said the homeless outreach team from the department was in touch with the person.

They have discovered that he is not homeless. Standridge said the man lives in a home in south Abilene.

According to Standridge, he’s also not wheelchair-bound.

To seek charity, somebody drops him off every weekend. Standridge said that on any given a weekend he earns around $1,000.

Some citizens have expressed concern about the homeless neighbor who sits at Hwy 83/84 and FM 707. He can be seen every…

Posted by Stan Standridge on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

KTXS discovered him at the intersection on Wednesday. Multiple people have told KTXS that every day he’s there.

RJ informed KTXS he’s homeless, handicapped, and fortunate on a weekend to make $6.

But this conflicts with what RJ said to his policemen said Standridge.

“He has told our officers how much he’s making. We know where he resides. I have personally seen him dropped him off on weekends,” Standridge said.

Ultimately, Standridge said his posting on Facebook was not about RJ.

If we each give $5 out the window, “what have we done to address homelessness? Nothing,” Standridge said.

Standridge thinks that moving away from charity to philanthropy is the best way to tackle homelessness.

“Imagine if those dollars were given to nonprofits to help get our homeless neighbors off the streets,” said Standridge.

The chief of police is encouraging individuals to give to nonprofit groups such as Hope Haven and the Ministries of Love and Care to assist individuals down on their luck.

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