New Hampshire has become the 21st state to abolish or overturn the death penalty, joining a growing list of states that have done away with the punishment. Twenty-nine states still allow capital punishment, but in four of them governors have issued moratoriums on the death penalty, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

A list of the states that have abandoned the death penalty and year that took place:

New Hampshire, 2019

Washington, 2018

Delaware, 2016

Maryland 2013

Connecticut, 2012

Illinois, 2011

New Mexico, 2009

New York, 2007

New Jersey, 2007

Rhode Island, 1984

Massachusetts, 1984

North Dakota, 1973

Iowa, 1965

West Virginia, 1965

Vermont, 1964

Alaska, 1957

Hawaii, 1957

Minnesota, 1911

Maine, 1887

Wisconsin, 1853

Michigan, 1846



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