A neighbor saved a Florida woman and her two children, who were victims of domestic violence, by shooting their attacker.

It all happened when the man, whose identity has not been released, realized that a neighbor was screaming for help in a residential area outside of Tampa, a police officer told ABC News.

The man, who was mowing his lawn, saw the woman take the children out of the house through the second-floor window to keep them away from the aggressor who was attacking her inside the house.

 “That has to be a horrific scene for somebody—a victim to be placing young children out of a second story window because they’re in such fear for their lives inside the house,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told ABC News.

At that moment the neighbor reacted quickly and rushed to rescue the children and got them to safety.

However, the aggressor noticed his presence, came outside and confronted him.

“The neighbor went back to his property,” the sheriff explained, “but then the suspect took out a gun and fired at him,” ABC News reported.

The neighbor fired back, striking and killing the attacker.

“He tried to defuse the situation,” Nocco said of the neighbor, but when the suspect fired, he defended himself.

The Sheriff’s Office has refused to identify any of the people involved under Marsy’s Law, a state constitutional amendment intended to protect crime victims, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Amid the intense debate over the right to firearms possession and self-defense, cases like this one, which do not usually receive much media attention, offer a different perspective.

Last week a young gunman stopped a potential mass shooting at a bar in Georgia, according to Fox 5.

According to authorities, on Saturday morning, witnesses reported that Mathewis, 27, was angry and furious because he had been expelled from the Fat Boys Bar and Grill on Highway 16 in Newnan.

Mathewis tried to enter again, this time with a gun in his hand, when Ben McCoy, an off-duty employee, appeared on the scene.

He quickly pulled a rifle out of his car and confronted the gunman. He was shot several times before the attacker escaped.