For two months, NBC collaborator Dr. Joseph Fair was the star of the screen, recounting in first person his experience of fighting the CCP Virus. 

Fair confirmed via Twitter on May 13 that he had contracted the CCP Virus. Over the next few weeks, he appeared at least 10 times on various NBC programs recounting the sorrows and ailments he suffered from the alleged virus. 

To everyone’s surprise, the famous doctor posted last week on his Twitter account that his recent antibody test had again come back negative. In short, he didn’t have the CCP virus.

He added that he was critically ill for 2 weeks and 4 days and was admitted to an ICU ward, suffering pneumonia, lung injury, and severe weight loss. He is now waiting for a specialist who could diagnose what made him so sick.

The news was received with abundant criticism on Twitter and other media. Journalist Steve Krakauer called the event a “saga” produced by NBC.

This case adds to so many others that would seem to confirm that most of the media are treating the issue of the CCP virus in such a way, that it makes one think that the situation at a national and international level is much more serious than it really is.

Unlike other pandemics that our planet earth has suffered, there is now something that makes it particularly unique: Social networks and the media. All the media, in all the countries of the world, are reporting minute by minute the number of deaths and infections. Generating an impression of chaos, fear, and uncertainty, largely because the numbers reported are not contextualized, and therefore figures that seem to be scandalous, in some cases are not so scandalous. 

Generally, new cases are counted, but the small print shows the number of those who recover. It is shown when celebrities are infected, but rarely when they are cured. It’s the same when a child dies, there is no mention if the child had pre-existing diseases. We know that thousands of people died in Italy, but in a few of these places do they mention that the average age of the dead women was 85. 

As reported by Dr. Joseph Fair, to date 5 tests were performed and none of them were positive. But since the symptoms he suffered were similar to those caused by the CCP Virus, until a few days ago NBC presented him as another victim of the virus. 

Steve Krakauer, author of the Fourth Watch newsletter, wrote: “NBC’s viewers were left with two alarming, false, impressions—that a 42-year-old ‘virus hunter’ caught COVID-19 [the CCP Virus] through his eyes and that he had it despite at least 5 ‘false negative’ tests.'”

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