Legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh called the Democratic convention a disaster “dark and dank, uninspiring, nothing uplifting,” in which participants lost their way.

“It was obvious that the people on the Democrat side are so poisoned with a personal hatred for Donald Trump that they have lost every bit of rationality,” Limbaugh said on his regular program.

Limbaugh also said that given their performance, Democrats would be afraid that the campaign of President Donald Trump could outdo them.

“Trump is gonna outperform,” Limbaugh said.

In addition, Limbaugh emphasized his views on the Democratic convention through several tweets.

In one of them, he wrote, “I listen to Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or any of the other 61 speakers last night at the Democrat Convention, and I don’t hear anybody happy about anything.”

“I think the Democrats are nervous as hell. It’s why they’ve concocted this conspiracy about the post office so they’ll have a built-in excuse to riot when they lose. I think that they know they’re going to,” was another of Limbaugh’s tweets.

“I am not going to let the indictment of Steve Bannon distract me like it’s distracting everybody else from the disaster that was the Democrat convention Wednesday night,” he added, alluding to the arrest of the former White House strategist.

For New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden managed to deliver his acceptance speech, which seemed a feat in the face of recurring mistakes made in previous speeches.

“As for the actual content of the speech, it was more pedestrian than soaring, and the ideas were presented in simple, stark contrasts. Light vs. dark, hope vs. fear, almost always in short sentences,” Goodwin described.

He also considered it inadmissible that Biden returned to his basement, referring to the place where the Democrat spends most of his time, projecting that the country could not be run alone locked up in the White House, in case he becomes president. That he should display the activity of someone who proposes his ideas before the nation, as all modern candidates have done.