After transgender swimmer Lia Thomas had boasted of beating women in several women’s competitions, she was defeated by Iszac Henig, a woman who is in the process of changing to the male gender. 

The two athletes competed in the women’s 100-yard freestyle, and Hening was the winner with a time of 49.57 seconds, also sweeping the 400-yard freestyle relay, according to the Jan. 8 Daily Mail.   

Thomas placed fifth. Additionally, Henig also passed her competitors in the 50-yard freestyle, clocking a time of 22.76 in the win.

After her triumphant performance, Hening, 20, stripped off the top of her swimsuit, revealing the two huge scars on her breast that reveal the removal of her breasts, which caused a sensation among some onlookers. 

I wasn’t prepared for that. Everything is messed up. I can’t wrap my head around this. The NCAA needs to do something. They need to put science into the decision and discussion,” exclaimed a shocked parent whose son is a student at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Another attendee snapped to attention, expressing, “A man just crushed the women’s team.”

Henig, from Palo Alto, California, delayed hormone treatments as she transitioned from female to male to finish her career on the Yale women’s team.

“As a student-athlete, coming out as a trans guy put me in a weird position. I could start hormones to align more with myself, or wait, transition socially, and keep competing on a women’s swim team. I decided on the latter,” Hening wrote in an opinion piece.

Thomas had won two races before being crushed in two others by Henig, months after shattering women’s records competing only among women. 

He came out as transgender in 2019 and, under NCAA rules, was able to switch from the men’s team to the women’s team after taking a year of testosterone suppressants.

When Thomas caused dissent by beating the women’s swimmers and bragging about that “feat,” a career official with Olympic swimming’s governing body, Cynthia Millen, resigned in protest over the competitive disparity.

Millen felt that Thomas was “destroying women’s swimming.” As a result, she stated that she “could no longer participate in a sport that allows biological men to compete against women.”

“The fact is that swimming is a sport in which bodies compete against bodies. Identities do not compete against identities,” Millen said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News reported.

However, even as the issue became increasingly heated, the progressive media kept it quiet.

“With a [scandal] story like this, they’re getting a lot of pressure from [gender] activists not to talk about it at all because it’s so obvious [that] … in other circumstances, this would be seen as cheating,” said Natasha Chart, an activist and critic of gender ideology

She added, “It is just something you almost can’t talk about without making the truth obvious that they put a man in a women’s competition,” according to Breitbart.

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