The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its infection fatality rate (IFR) parameters to reflect the number of infected people who die from CCP Virus in an age range and estimated that approximately 99% of people infected with CCP Virus survive, Breitbart reported.

According to the CDC, these parameters are estimates intended to assist with public health planning and preparedness, are not predictions of the expected effects of the CCP Virus, that is these figures may change in the future as more data on the disease becomes available, and do not reflect the impact of social distancing or the wearing of masks.

The findings of the Disease Center show the following results:

For people 0-19 years old the mortality rate is 0.00003

For people between 20-49 years old it is 0.0002

For people between 50-69 years old it is 0.005

For people over 70 it is 0.054

In other words, infected people under 19 have a 99.997% chance of surviving the CCP Virus, for people between 20 and 49 the percentage is 99.98%, the group of people between 50 and 69 the figure is 99.5% and people over 70 the percentage rises to 94.6%.

Considering previous CDC estimates, the percentage of mortality in infected persons fell sharply from May to the present.

In May, the CDC estimated that the IFR was 0.26%, while with this new data, excluding those over 70 years of age, that figure dropped to 0.174.

Considering the fatalities as a whole, which in the vast majority is composed from the group of people over 70 years of age and with pre-existing conditions, the percentage of deaths due to infection with the CCP Virus is at 1.5% which, although higher than a common flu, 0.1%, is much lower than what was estimated before taking lockdown measures.

The IFR takes into account cases of symptomatic and healthy carrier people and is therefore considered a more accurate estimate than the case fatality rate (CFR), which only includes confirmed cases. To determine that a person is asymptomatic, the number of antibodies versus the number of viruses in the person are measured.

Last week, the media reported that the United States had reached 200,000 deaths from the CCP Virus. However, previous reports have questioned the number of fatalities in the country, due to the number of reported deaths that were counted as CCP Virus but were actually from other causes. These types of reports have also been registered in different countries around the world.

In addition to the fact that the same CDC data shows that 96% of the people died because of pre-existing conditions, the United States stands out as the country with the highest number of tests, thus reporting the highest percentage of infections.

Considering these factors, despite being the country with the highest number of deaths from the CCP Virus than the rest of the world (not counting China, which stopped counting its deaths in March), compared to other countries there are more cases of infected people who did not die.