Newsbusters, an NGO dedicated to reporting on the impartiality of the media, published on Tuesday, Oct. 27, an analysis titled, Never More Biased: TV Blasts Trump with 92% Negative Coverage; 66% Positive for Biden, in which they analyzed the coverage the president received from July 29 to Oct. 20 of this year.

The news programs analyzed were “NBC Nightly News,” ABC’s “World News Tonight,” and CBS’s “Evening News.”

This time around, it’s obvious that the networks are pouring their energy into confronting and criticizing the president, not equally covering both campaigns. During the twelve weeks we examined, Trump received 839 minutes of coverage, compared to just 269 minutes of airtime for Biden, a three-to-one disparity,” the article says.

In those 839 minutes of coverage that President Trump received, there were 890 comments on the president of which 822 were negative (92.4% of coverage) and only 68 comments were positive (only 7.6% of coverage). 

But the Democratic Party candidate did better: of 91 comments made about him, 60 were positive (66%) and only 31 were negative (34%).

Rich Noyes, the report’s author, said, “ The three evening newscasts have been relentlessly negative throughout Trump’s presidency. From Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, through October 20, 2020, our analysts have tallied 16,755 evaluative comments, 90.5% of which (15,161) have been negative.” He added, “While the topics have shifted from the Russia-collusion investigation to Ukraine and impeachment to this year’s coronavirus pandemic, the networks’ hostility has been incredibly consistent.”

While the former Democratic vice president has been confused on many occasions, losing his line of thought, and even forgetting where he is or who he is competing against for the presidency, the mainstream media spent only 10 minutes of their airtime talking about Joe Biden’s health. But when the president contracted the CCP Virus, the media spent 140 minutes talking at length even to the point of stirring up ideas about how bad the president looked and whether he should be relieved of his duties.

With Hunter Biden’s recent explosive story of corruption involving his father being published by the New York Post, the media with the help of the social media giants Twitter and Facebook, known for their love of censorship, went even further: In addition to blocking the story on their platforms, they only spent 5 minutes covering the breaking news.

Noyes concludes his article by reflecting, “When supposed news coverage becomes so tilted against one party in favor of another, it fails in its core mission to serve voters. Regardless of who wins next week’s election, the news media will be in desperate need of reform.”

No wonder many Americans are still confused about Donald Trump real achievements. 

You can watch the video Newsbusters posted in its article to illustrate the results of its study:

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