A 9-year-old Pennsylvania girl with a green thumb is being rewarded with the other kind of green for growing an extraordinarily large cabbage.

Lily Ries, a fourth-grader at Peebles Elementary School in Pittsburgh has won $1,000 savings bond for her extra-large vegetable. She grew it as part of National Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program.

Her mom, Megan Ries, says they had no idea cabbages could get so big, but it just kept growing and growing.

Lily says she didn’t do anything special, just watered it and gave it enough sun on her deck in Allison Park. She says after they harvested it, they made so much coleslaw they couldn’t eat it all. They gave the rest to the bunnies in her yard.

Nearly 32,000 children from across Pennsylvania participated in the contest.

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