A 9-year-old was electrocuted while swimming in her family’s pool and died Sunday, in Central California.

The accident happened at a home in Citrus Heights, about 20 miles northeast of Sacramento.

McKenzie Kinley, who was 9-year-old, went swimming in her dad’s backyard pool while a pool light fixture that was in the midst of a repair wasn’t sealed correctly, according to police.

It’s believed McKenzie touched the light and then drowned after being shocked. Firefighters tried to revive the girl at the scene. She was taken to a hospital where she died.

“As much as we know, she grabbed the pool light, and it electrocuted her,” said Cliff Kinley, McKenzie’s father. “Thank goodness it didn’t get anyone else, because there were four other children in that pool.”

An investigation is ongoing, but the girl’s death has been ruled accidental, according to Citrus Heights police.

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