Southern Californian authorities are investigating why a deceased elderly woman was stored at a residential property on Sept. 19.

Riverside Police Department confirmed it discovered the body of retiree Miriam Travis at the 6000 block of New Ridge Drive, Riverside–59 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Officers found the 87 year-old at about 9:35 a.m., inside of a garage freezer. They made the grisly discovery while performing a routine welfare check. The deceased’s family members were concerned because they had not heard any news from her in about two months.

Police searched the property after the woman’s 64 year-old daughter, who also lives at the property, gave different statements about her mother’s whereabouts.

“Once they began speaking with the daughter, there were some inconsistencies with her story as to her mom’s whereabouts,” Riverside Police officer Javier Cabrera said according to KABC. “The officers detained the daughter and ultimately went inside the residence.”

A different family member confirmed the body belonged to Travis. News quickly spread about the frozen elderly woman, shocking many people who knew her personally.

“It is a tragedy as you can imagine, I do not think any of us can imagine having our mom in a freezer right?” long-term next door neighbor Randy Hayes said according to NBC4 News. “[She was a] very nice lady, they kept to themselves, we watched over our place and they watched over ours when we were on vacations.”

“I have never heard problems coming from the house … [and] never heard arguments of that sort,” he added.

The deceased’s daughter was questioned before being released pending the outcome of an autopsy.

“As we wait for the autopsy report, she is not a suspect,” Cabrera said according to the New York Post. “She is a person of interest.”

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