83% of Americans surveyed in the new Gallup poll said the main factor in mass shootings is lack of prevention because the perpetrators’ mental health problems were not detected earlier.

Specifically, most respondents blamed the tragic events on a “failure by the mental health system to identify people who might be a danger to others,” agreeing with President Donald Trump and the Republican side.

The number of people who voted for this factor has increased little with respect to six years ago (3 percentage points), if it is compared with the registered increase of 22 percentage points of the second factor (which reached 79% by 2019): “The spread of extremist viewpoints on the internet,” something for which some people blame Democrats and the media.

In that sense, in August, in the middle of a media campaign that attacked so-called “hate speech,” the free internet content forum 8Chan was closed, under the accusation that the shooter from El Paso published an extremist message warning of his intentions on the platform before the event.

However, the owner of the free forum also known as InfiniteChan, Jim Watkins, clarified that the message was posted on Instagram, not on his site, and that someone then republished it, but not the shooter. Despite this, Instagram did not receive any accusations from the media.

It was too late, though. His internet provider Cloudfare also partly blamed him for the murders and withdrew his service. He never found anyone to host his site again, and has been called to testify before Congress as part of an investigation into the shootings.

It should be noted that in the forum, which still remains closed, also published messages from Qanon, who was being harshly criticized and discredited in the media, because he claimed to publish snippets of military intelligence information that exposed a global network of corruption led by top-level figures of the world elite.

The third most voted factor, which fuels mass shootings, was easy access to guns with 69%, followed by drug use, voted by 65%.

The poll came at a time when Democrats are seeking to enact strict gun control measures, including confiscation under the name of “forced buyback,” while Republicans argue that this disarming of the population will not reduce armed violence, and that the shootings are the result of mental health problems.

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