An 81-year-old school custodian in Bartow County, Georgia, is being celebrated for a major accomplishment, KHOU11 reported.

After 67 years, Herbert Perkinson finally earned his GED. Not only that, he is receiving a promotion. He is a custodian at Woodland Middle School and has been there for nearly five years.

Perkinson was up for head janitor’s job, but he didn’t qualify because he needed a high school diploma or a GED. “It broke my heart and his to that we couldn’t offer him the position at the time,” Michael Blankenship, the principal, said.

However, Perkinson took classes and applied for the job after he was encouraged to do so by the principal.

“I never would have tried to get it but he wanted me to take this position,” he said.

With the help of his daughter, they went to work.

“He finishes what he starts,” Blankenship said.

He was honored at the school and received a standing ovation as the principal talked about the accomplishment.

“This man represents that the learning never stops,” Blankenship added.

The acknowledgment was definitely a surprise.

“Everybody else knew it except me,” he said.

To top it all off, it’s his 20th wedding anniversary.

“I’m happy for him,” his wife said.

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