In the face of budget cuts to the police in many cities for allegedly excessive violence against African Americans, the results of a Gallup poll are revealing.

The survey showed that 81% of African Americans prefer the police presence in their area that existed before May 25, when the riots over the death of George Floyd began, or even an increase, compared to the decrease in the number of police officers, Gallup reported Aug. 5.

The data would shows that the fact that African Americans see the police more frequently in their neighborhoods would not act against their interest in maintaining that same numbers. 

When asked how long they would like the police to be in their neighborhoods, 61% of black adults responded that they would like the same amount of time as they have usually been.

Sixty-seven percent of American adults think the same, as do 71% of white residents, who prefer authorities to spend the same amount of time in their area, according to the June 23-July 6 online survey.

Among the services provided by local police officers and agents is crime control, and reducing the budget can be expected to increase the amount of crime committed.

In fact, police underfunding increased crime in Portland, Oregon, where the police Firearms Violence Reduction unit was disbanded by the City Council, supporting the demands of protesters who have ravaged the city for more than two months.

There were 63 shootings and 15 people killed in the city during July, the highest number recorded in 30 years, and muggings, robberies, and vandalism also increased disproportionately, The Oregonian reported July 30.

For the prominent journalist Tucker Carlson, the underfunding of the police is promoted by Democratic politicians who have thus generated the increase in crime in the country,

He also points out that while the Democrats have strong security systems in place, by cutting the police budget they jeopardize the safety of the most vulnerable populations, according to his article in Fox News.