Eight-year-old Braeleigh Miller from Sunfield Township on Dec. 14, 2019, became the youngest person on record to successfully harvest an elk in the state of Michigan.

Using a fully loaded .308-caliber rifle that was secured and held up by a sturdy tripod, Braleigh pulled the trigger, dropped the 400-pound elk from 200 yards away, which was her personal best record for the longest distance she’s ever shot something. 

Her father, Gunnar Miller, said on Facebook that it took a while for her to get comfortable with the rifle and familiar with the landscape, but when it got daylight and the legal shooting hours came, Braleigh didn’t hesitate. 

The video posted to Facebook shows her dad getting a bit emotional and giving his girl a big hug after she made the kill.

“Yeah I got pretty worked up, I was pretty excited,” Gunnar Miller told FOX 17 Online.

As for Braeleigh, she’s just glad she beat the Michigan state record. 

“It’s cool for me because I’ve never set a record before, my Dad hasn’t set a record before, and my grandpa hasn’t set a record before, so I’m like to them, ‘Ha-ha,’” Braeleigh Miller told Fox 17 Online.

Braeleigh said when she grows up, she wants to take her children hunting, too.


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