An 8-year-old boy recently received a CCP Virus (coronavirus) vaccine dose by mistake at a Dallas County drive-up vaccine facility run by first responders in Grand Prairie, Texas, according to a report.

The three CCP Virus vaccines currently available in the United States are only for people 18 and older or 16 and older, depending on the manufacturer. Those vaccines have not been cleared for young children.

The boy suffered minor side effects such as headache and fatigue, according to his father.

The child’s father just assumed that he could successfully get an appointment and receive a QR code after submitting his son’s information meant it was ok for his son to get the vaccine.

Pediatrician Marcial Oquendo said: “We don’t have the data, especially under the age of 12 to say if it works, is it safe, how much should we use, which kid can get it and which kids can’t.”

He also informed he had notified the Pediatric Society and Dallas County Medical Society about the case, adding that they were still trying to figure out what to do next and to figure out who needs to know what.

According to NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, the boy’s father enrolled him online via a county Web site and got an appointment.

Only after speaking with Oquendo did the father realize he had made a mistake.

Grand Prairie Fire Department Chief Robert Fite told NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth that there were thousands of others at the site run by Dallas County that day. He said the department intends to track down the paramedic who gave the shot and learn more about what went wrong.

“They’re in the car, there’s a code, the paramedic did what that paramedic did for thousands of others for that day and went ahead and gave the vaccination, and did not realize it was a child under the age of 18,” said Fite, adding that he ‘s seeking answers from county officials as well.

Fite said they had some questions about how a child under 18 could even get registered. “If there were a fail system in place, we wouldn’t have to be concerned because you wouldn’t be able to register.”

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins attributed the mishap to “human error,” saying that the county’s IT department is “working with the third-party company to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Both Pfizer and Moderna have begun clinical trials for the vaccine on children under age of 12. Late last month, Pfizer announced that its vaccine is 100 percent effective in children aged 12 to 15.

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