According to a major Heartland Institute/Rasmussen survey published recently, 75% of Americans reject socialist policies and 60% have a bad opinion of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the quintessential leftist reference in Congress. 

The poll finds that a large majority of likely voters prefer a free market economy over a socialist economic system. Seventy-five percent of those polled say that free market capitalism is a better economic system than socialism. While only 11% responded that they preferred a socialist system.

This also explains why respondents also have a decidedly negative view of one of America’s most influential socialists, Ocasio-Cortez. Nearly 60% responded that they had a bad opinion of her and her progressive policies. 

“Despite growing calls for socialism from many on the far left, the vast majority of potential voters believe the United States should adopt a free market economy. Only a small fraction of those polled think that the United States should abandon the free-market capitalist policies that are responsible for making the United States the richest nation in world history,” summarized Chris Talgo, associate researcher in charge of the Heartland study.

Given this scenario, one might ask: Why, if Americans largely reject socialism, is it so present in politics and so promoted in the mass media and education?

The answer is very complex, though evident in some respects. The elites, small in number but enormous in power and capital, exercise their influence and make available their entire apparatus of power to impose their agenda and ideals. 

Just as Americans rejects socialist ideals, the elites promote engaging stories and “exciting” struggles such as feminism, racial equality, environmentalism, and others, using primarily the media and education to penetrate the depths of individual and societal ideas and feelings. But these stories hide behind, socialism and the purest globalism. 

Already in 2018, a report from the American magazine The American Spectator said it very clearly, when it stated that Big Media is not independent, supporting that 90% of the media in the United States is controlled by six corporations and that 15 billionaires own the news companies in that country, according to a report on Nov. 18.

The big news media is the ideal instrument to propagate the “globalist worldview” that would facilitate the acceptance of the agendas of the big corporations, and avoid resistance to them by consumers and citizens.

The report also asserts that President Donald Trump and his voters threaten global financial interests, and that they could ruin his system, with which the elites seek to continue to enrich themselves and turn everyone else into wage slaves.

This explains the constant persecution of the Trump administration by the media, large social networks and other sectors of power.

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