The ripple effect of the Maricopa County audit in Arizona continues, and other states are becoming increasingly interested in shedding light on the contested 2020 election.

This Thursday, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Michigan Capitol to protest and turn in approximately 7,000 affidavits alleging voter fraud and demanding a forensic audit.

Matt Seely, a spokesman for the Michigan Conservative Coalition, said thousands of Michigan voters had questioned the integrity of the 2020 election, according to Just The News, owned by noted investigative journalist John Solomon.

“If we do a deep-dive forensic audit similar to Arizona, it will do either one of two things,” he said in a phone interview. “It will prove that all of the politicians who say there’s nothing to see there, that they were right. Or it will prove that there’s a big problem with the integrity of our elections and that we need to address it in a major way.”

He also said that electoral integrity is not a problem of any particular political party and cited a poll that said 70% of Republicans do not believe the 2020 elections were free or fair.

“If the politicians who are trying to stop this from taking place truly believe there’s nothing to see there, then what would be the harm in just proving to the electorate that the concerns are unwarranted?” Seely asked.

“We owe the voters the truth,” he added.

Protesters claimed that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s audit only recounted votes but went no further.

While a manual recount of votes was conducted in Michigan, it did not delve into investigating the allegedly fraudulent processes in the election, for example, those regarding the Dominion Voting Systems equipment, which has been shown in several counties to have been easily altered to benefit the Democratic Party in ballot counts.

As for the audit of Maricopa—Arizona’s largest county—which is already winding down thanks to the large number of volunteers who signed up, many Americans are already impatient to know the results of the exhaustive investigation requested by the Arizona state Senate and endorsed by a judge.

But the case of Arizona is not the only one; legislators from at least 17 other states toured the state to see how the audit was being conducted and eventually replicate it in their respective states.

This Thursday, Indiana State Representative Ryan Lauer toured this process to take ideas from the audit and bring an honest perception to his constituents.

Rep. Laur told The Gateway Pundit‘s Jordan Conradson that he was very impressed by the transparency, security, and great organization with which the processes are being conducted.

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