A Michigan family is asking for prayers as their 7-month-old son fights for his life at a children’s hospital.

Ryder Thompson, of Midland, Michigan, is battling complications of the condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

“His left side never developed, so it’s just the right side doing all the work,” Ryder’s mother, Alona Thompson, said.

Thompson was just 20 weeks pregnant at the time of her son’s diagnosis. She said the doctor gave her two options, WNEM reported.

“Either abort him or have a long road ahead of you. Abortion was not an option,” she said.

At just 4 days old, Ryder had his first open-heart surgery. Within the following months, doctors performed two more surgeries to reroute his arteries. The most recent procedure caused complications with his blood pressure.

“He’s been through so much already and he’s got his little personality, and he doesn’t want to be here, he wants to be home,” Thompson said.

She said Mott Children’s Hospital has become their second home until Ryder wins this battle.

His family is staying strong but said they need support from the community during Ryder’s fight.

A GoFundMe page is raising money to help the family with expenses.

“The bills, the house mortgage, and all the car payments—all that adds up,” Thompson said. “Lately we can’t manage it because of [her husband] missing work trying to be here for Ryder.”

Thompson just wants her son back home. She said, “The way I look at it, I ask for more prayers than anything. Money, yes it’s important, but that’s not what’s going to bring Ryder home.”