A mother in San Antonio, Texas, was annoyed after her 6-year-old son’s school photos were edited without explanation.

Amber Garza, said her son Elijah, came home from school with Lifetouch photo proofs for purchase. However, those photos were inappropriately edited that her son also noticed it right off the bat, News4 San Antonio reported.

“That’s just a little bit odd, and a little bit offensive,” Garza said. “It’s not his hair. I mean you look at it, and it’s his face, but it’s not his hair.”

Garza believed her son’s hair was edited to look. Garza described, “It would take gobs of hair spray, possibly teasing, and gel to go up. It just doesn’t grow that way.”

Elijah is biracial. Garza is wondering if race caused Lifetouch to possibly edit her son’s hair.

But now Garza isn’t sure what happened, or the possible intentions, but wishes the company had instead sent home a letter for picture retakes.

“Was somebody just messing around, and thought it was funny?” Garza asked. “There’s a million things that could have happened. I just feel like sending it home that way, is a little bit rude.”


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