A 6-year-old boy lost both his ears and his scalp last week in Monahans, Texas, when he was attacked by a family friend’s pit bull he was helping take care of.

Noah is now expected to spend months in a Dallas hospital following the mauling, according to his family.

In the attack, the boy’s scalp was torn to the bone, his cheeks were ripped open and he lost both of his ears.

His grandfather Jose Garcia told KOSA-TV that night he was nearly unrecognizable.

According to his family, Noah’s grandmother was inside during the attack, unaware he was playing in the yard. So, no one knows what led to the violent attack.

Noah told them he played dead until the dog finally left him alone.

The family had been taken care of the dog for a family friend and up until the shocking attack, it had been playing happily with Noah.

A week after the incident, the family met with the dog’s owner who agreed to put the dog down after he saw photos of the boy’s injuries.

Now the family said they are focused on giving Noah the support he needs as he continues to heal in the hospital.

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