A picture of a Texas first-grader saluting military members at San Antonio International Airport has gone viral.

The Vega family was recently returning to San Antonio after a trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado when a group of sailors in uniform passed them in the airport, WOAI-TV reported.

Joe Vega said he was proud to see his son, Jace, stand at attention and salute the group.

Joe Vega said he snapped a photo of Jace, and then asked his son why he saluted.

“Because they fight for our country,” Jace answered.

Jace’s mother said, “I was one proud momma when I heard those words come out of his mouth.”

“It’s the simple things like this that make me very proud as a father. To know that WE are teaching our children that the least they can do is show respect to the brave young men and women that serve our great nation,” Joe wrote on Facebook.

“A couple of companies have reached out to us and some other people just reached out to my wife,” Joe Vega said. “They want to use his picture in the airport somewhere in Florida. A couple of locally owned veteran companies who do shirts, that’s locally owned and operated, they’re going to do a couple of shirts with him.”

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