A new weekly tracking poll from the Economist/YouGov revealed that 53 percent of Republicans favor President Donald Trump over former President Abraham Lincoln.

The poll, which was published by The Economist and YouGov on U.S. politics this week, surveyed 1,500 Americans with the question: “Which Republican president was better?” 53 percent of Republicans said President Trump.

Meanwhile, 94 percent of Democrats said Lincoln was the better president, as did 78 percent of independent voters. 

After former Hillary Clinton press secretary Jesse Ferguson tweeted the Lincoln/Trump poll nugget, the term “53% of Republicans” began to confound social media users on Friday night.

President Trump tweeted on Nov. 30 over the results: “And the Do Nothing Democrats want to impeach President Trump?”

Further polling also found that Republicans preferred Trump to George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and Dwight Eisenhower—but not Ronald Reagan, with 59 percent.

Seventy-one percent of Republicans said they preferred Trump over both George W. Bush and his father George H. W. Bush, 82 percent preferred Trump to Ford, 86 percent preferred him to Nixon, and 65 percent preferred him to Eisenhower, according to Newsweek.

President Donald Trump told a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on July 26, 2017, that he can be more presidential than anyone else who has been President, “with the exception of the late, great, Abraham Lincoln.”

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