The scientist and former vice-president of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, seriously warned against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or COVID Virus vaccine given to children due to the high risk of death it exposes them to.  

In this regard, Yeadon mentioned that in addition to his scientific background, he is a father and grandfather, so he can assure: “Young people are not susceptible to Covid-19”, according to an interview granted to Steve Bannon on June 9. 

The resistance of children and young people to infection would make vaccination unnecessary for them. While Yeadon relies on approved vaccines, he cautions that the vaccine being used against the CCP Virus is not approved; it was only granted emergency clearance.

The specific element that makes these experimental ‘vaccines’ dangerous is the generation of the spike protein, which has been known for years to produce blood clots.

“The gene-based design has the body making the [spike] protein of the virus, and we know and have known for years that the spike protein of the virus triggers blood clots,” Yeadon explains. “That’s a fundamental problem.”

Yeadon references the high rate of adverse side effects produced by these controversial ‘vaccines,’ the numerous cases in which it affects the health of those who get it. 

Thus, he cites that in previous years the average number of deaths caused by all vaccines was around 200, but now more than 5,000 deaths have been recorded between January and May 2021 in the United States alone, caused by the COVID vaccine. 

“If you look from about January of this year and compare month by month to any previous year…the number is just enormous. It’s between 50 and 100 times higher. It’s not my data, it’s the U.S. public data,” Yeadon reiterated to Bannon. 

Worse, he assumes that this drug was fraudulently approved on an emergency basis because it violated the basic principle that as long as there is an effective treatment for the disease, emergency approval is not granted for another. 

In this case, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, azithromycin, and inhaled steroids, which are all safe and effective, are available to treat the health conditions caused by the CCP Virus. 

However, each of these was suppressed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the scientific establishment, and the media.

Yeadon had already warned people not to get vaccinated on another occasion, since the risk of infection and death from the virus is as small as that of influenza.

Moreover, behind vaccines lurks the risk of losing individual freedom at the hands of politicians pushing the ‘health passport,’ as he stated on several occasions, one of them in a May 16 video. 

Like Yeadon, many scientists have sounded the alarm using various arguments, with different forms of support, but all agree that it is not prudent to accept the risk involved in this medical treatment, especially now with more than a year of contradictory and adverse results.

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