A 5-year-old boy from Pennsylvania used his birthday wish to ask for thousands of toys that he could donate to the other pediatric patients at the hospital that treated him.

In November 2016, Weston Newswanger was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer the develops in soft tissue and has a high risk of spreading to other areas of the body. He went through a year of treatment at the Penn State Children’s Hospital and has made it cancer-free for the last two years.

The little boy decided to do something special for his Sept. 26 birthday.

“I want to get Play-Doh and dinosaurs for the children of the hospital,” he told his mom when she asked him what he wanted for his birthday, according to WHP.

Weston and his family worked for several weeks to collect donations by contacting relatives and friends, and by reaching out to their network of contacts over social media.

The family was able to donate thousands of toys to the hospital, including over 1,200 containers of Play-Doh, over 1,000 dinosaurs and hundreds of other toys for the children.

On Oct. 1, Weston helped to deliver the large collection of toys to the Child Life program, which provides toys to children receiving care at Penn State Children’s Hospital, WHP reported.

His family said it was the little things, like the toys he donated, that helped the hospital be a fun place for him during their time there.