An Illinois man who rigged a shotgun to a rope attached to the door of a shed on his property in 2018 was convicted on Thursday, Sept. 12, of first-degree murder in the death of another man who tried to enter.

A Union County jury found William Wasmund, 48, guilty of both first-degree murder and aggravated battery after he was charged earlier this year in the death of Jeff Spicer, The Southern Illinoisan reported.

A man who lived nearby found Spicer’s body on Sept. 16, 2018, on Wasmund’s property.

According to prosecutors, Wasmund set up the booby-trapped shotgun, which fired and struck Spicer when he tried to enter the shed.

Wasmund’s defense attorneys said he had complained of thefts on the property and suggested Spicer went there to steal.

Lawyer Thomas Mansfield argued that Spicer caused his own death by ignoring “no trespassing” and “do not enter” signs, then breaking the lock on the shed door.

Mansfield said the verdict will be appealed.

Wasmund is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 16.

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