A lady with a gun approached another woman on a busy Prospect Heights street in Brooklyn Tuesday and shot her dead—before casually walking away. It was all captured in a shocking video.

The event occurred soon after both the victim and her attacker attended a funeral nearby.

According to the footage, while 42-year-old Delia Johnson was talking with other individuals on Franklin Avenue near Prospect Place, a lady with long blonde hair and carrying a purse approached her and shot her in the head.

According to the New York Post, police officials reported that the gunshot occurred at 9:40 p.m on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

After being transferred to Interfaith Hospital, Johnson was pronounced dead, police said.

The motivation for the tragic attack has not been revealed. However, Delia’s sister, Cordelia Berry, thought she might have been slain out of envy.

“She had her own business. She was an entrepreneur—fashion was her passion,” Cordelia stated according to the Daily Mail. “When you succeed in life that way, people are jealous.”

Surveillance video obtained by authorities on Thursday, Aug. 5, showed the gunwoman firing several more bullets, wounding Johnson in the legs as bystanders fled for safety. The shooter then casually strolled away to a white SUV waiting double-parked on the street and sped off.

Delia had gone to a funeral for an old friend earlier that day. Delia’s brother, Mathis Johnson, informed the New York Daily News that hundreds of mourners had gathered, including the suspected shooter,

The brother said he did not recognize the black-clad woman with long blonde hair but had seen her in the crowd at the Sealy Culyer Funeral Home.

No arrests had been made as of Friday afternoon, Aug. 6. However, the video of the attack was published with the intention of gaining information.

Delia was an entrepreneur, according to her relatives, and a single mother with a 17-year-old daughter. The victim was regarded as vibrant and generous by the witnesses.

The incident happened as Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed on Thursday, Aug. 5, that his “Safe Summer” initiative has reduced homicide and shootings in New York City.

De Blasio triumphantly said during his daily briefing that the program had been successful, claiming that the New York Police Department had “extraordinary successes” in reducing violent crime in July.

According to de Blasio’s data from July, homicides dropped by 49.1%, and gunshots declined by 35% in New York City.

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