New violent protests broke out Monday night in Minneapolis despite a curfew implemented after the death of a young black man fleeing from police. Security forces had to defend themselves against attacks that left several officers injured and dozens of people arrested. 

Approximately 40 people were arrested at Brooklyn Center, the site of the April 11 shooting that killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

According to Fox News, the events occurred in the Hennepin County town of Brooklyn Center, which borders Minneapolis, when police attempted to arrest Wright after determining an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The demonstrators used the excuse of Wright’s death to impose their demands for police defunding and “racial equality.”

Those arrested were charged under offenses including curfew violations and rioting, Col. Matt Langer of the Minnesota State Patrol told reporters during a briefing shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

According to reports and witnesses, several officers were struck by debris thrown by protesters and suffered minor injuries, while no injuries were reported among the protesters.

The arrests came after a crowd clashed with officers outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department headquarters, which protesters vandalized.

The crowd was defying curfews imposed by local and state officials. Minnesota citizens were prohibited from gathering from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., with limited exceptions, following the violence experienced during that same evening and the night before.

“For months, we’ve been saying that riotous behavior is just not going to be tolerated. And unfortunately tonight, that is some of the things that we encountered,” Booker Hodges, assistant commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, told the briefing.

Elsewhere in the city and areas near the main incident, groups of protesters, many identified with Black lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa flags, looted businesses and vandalized public streets. 

The violent protesters took the opportunity to destroy a church nearby, as had happened in other situations when Antifa and BLM members carried out targeted attacks on worship places.

Minor riots also occurred in other states, including Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington using as a protest excuse the same fact of Wright’s death.

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