A 4-year-old Iowa girl is fighting for her life after getting the flu.

The family said their daughter Jade DeLucia became seriously ill before Christmas. The highest her fever had gone at home was 100, her grandmother, Courtney Frey said.

After being rushed to a hospital she began seizing, prompting staff to fly her to a children’s hospital.

“They tested her for a lot of different things to ensure it wasn’t several infections or bacteria,” said Frey. “But the only thing that came back was influenza b that had gotten into her brain.”

“Yeah it was touch and go,” said Frey. “She just couldn’t breathe. The flu had built up in her lungs. Her brain had swelled.”

Thankfully, after nearly two weeks hooking up to machines with her MRI results showing extensive brain damage, the little girl woke up two days ago.

“And she opened her eyes and she started to move her little hands. And we just started to see a little more of her come back to us,” Frey said.

The family is hoping for her recovery, but sending a message for other parents.

“Take them to the doctor,” said Frey. “If you feel like well … no, after 24-48 hours, take them. Get them tested. Demand for an influenza test. Because she said I would have much rather paid for the test than this.”

GoFundMe was established to help pay for Jade’s medical bills and treatment and has raised more than $7,600 as the time of writing. Her grandmother said the money allows Jade’s parents to stay by her side while they miss work.

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