Police arrested a fourth suspect Monday, June 11, after five people were killed over the weekend on the Yakama Indian Reservation in the state of Washington. James Cloud, 35, was taken into custody with the help of a police dog near the town of Wapato after a brief fight with law enforcement officers, the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said.

Sheriff Robert Udell, of Yakima County said, “If you consider the complexity of this case, five victims four suspects, a crime scene that spanned several miles, really, if you consider the Medicine Valley all the way out to Evans Road and all that. To get everybody in custody, all four is a huge achievement.”


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Cloud was treated at a hospital for minor injuries and then booked into jail on a federal warrant for aggravated assault.

The identities of the victims, how they were killed, and a motive were not immediately released.

All the victims were adults, and officials were trying to determine if they were related, Udell told The Associated Press.

Udell explained, “The investigation is going to go on for a long time. We still don’t know why. We’ve got to put together a lot of details, autopsies to determine exactly how the victims died have to be conducted. A lot of work on a very significant incident.”

Some were known to law enforcement for being involved in illegal drug activities, the sheriff said.

Four victims were killed at one location and another was found dead in a vehicle at another site.

More details were expected to be released later in the day by the FBI, which is leading the investigation.

The killings occurred late Saturday near the reservation community of White Swan, about 150 miles southeast of Seattle.

Three people were initially arrested. Their identities have not been released.

The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, Yakama Nation Tribal Police, and the FBI are jointly investigating the killings.

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