A 3-year-old boy died at the corner of Culver Road and University in Rochester, NY after falling into a grease trap behind the Tim Hortons.

Witnesses took the child out of the grease trap and administered CPR until the first responders came. Employees were seen crying outside and consoling each other after the child was taken away by ambulance.

The child was then taken to Strong Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“It’s a horrible, tragic accident,” said investigator Frank Camp, Department of Rochester Police.

Camp said there was no fencing and was the grease trap “flush with the ground.” 

Evidence led police to think the child fell through a plastic lid into a tank that contained used grease in a liquified form. It was only 6 feet from the back gate of the restaurant.

The size of the grease trap, typically a steel tank used to maintain fats, oils, and grease out of the sanitary sewer system, has not yet been determined by investigators.

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