Two more individuals died as a result of injuries after a cliff crashed onto a beach in the San Diego region, according to the city of Encinitas.

Another person at the scene, a woman, died. And one person was wounded.

Encinitas said on Friday, Aug. 2, the bluff was giving way around 3 p.m. in the northern suburb of San Diego.

A KNSD-TV helicopter recorded footage of sand-strewn beach chairs, towels, surfboards, and beach toys.

Grandview Beach, where the crash took place, is very popular with local inhabitants and holidaymakers and at the moment of the crash, the beach was filled with people.

Officials at the scene said such collapses often occur along the ever-eroding coastline of San Diego.

“Bluff collapses are fairly common. Probably 4 to 8 per year. Nothing of this magnitude, but we have had some in the past,” a California state parks police official said.

The northern suburbs of San Diego have contended with increasing Pacific Ocean water levels, pressuring bluffs along the shoreline. To avoid multimillion-dollar homes from falling into the ocean, many bluffs are fortified.

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