A Utah mother was arrested on Tuesday night after leaving her 4-year-old child in a scorching vehicle as a ‘punishment,’ police said.

Jesica Lee Brown, 28, was detained after Draper City Police discovered her child had been left inside the car and charged Brown with child endangerment and child abuse.

A statement of probable cause indicates police were called to do a welfare check at Draper City Park on July 2 at around 9 p.m. 

Officers were advised by dispatch that the young child was inside the car in ‘time out’ and left inside for ‘punishment purposes,’ reports KUTV.

Police stated in the probable cause statement that at the moment of their arrival the outside temperature was about 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The vehicle was not idling at the time. 

Brown told police that her son was ‘acting out,’ which is why she put him inside the locked car. 

Brown also admitted that she was aware that there was no one with her son inside the car.

An assisting officer felt the boy’s head, which was hot to the touch, and noted he was sweating and had puffy eyes.

Brown supposedly confessed using meth and heroin to authorities. Authorities then got permission to search her bag and found a syringe, according to the probable cause statement.

A used syringe needle was situated inside a bag inside the vehicle with the boy. Officers located various paraphernalia associated with heroin use during that same search.

Police discovered other drug paraphernalia at the scene consistent with the use of heroin. The mother is said to have told police that the needles were unused and were in the back of the car, where the child sat.

The length of time that the child spent in the car was not mentioned in the probable cause statement.

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