Health officials in Alameda, California, have admitted that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus (COVID-19) was not the reason for 25% of all deaths or 411 total cases in the county.

“There are definitely people who died from reasons that were clearly not caused by COVID,” said Alameda County Public Health Department spokesperson Neetu Balram. On Friday, June 4, the organization announced that the death toll had been lowered from 1,634 to 1,223—a 25% drop.

The initial calculation used by the county was to link mortality to the CCP Virus if the examiner or a medical provider (such as a clinic) classified someone as being infected by the CCP Virus at the moment of death.

The state’s definition said that death could only be ascribed to the CCP Virus if the examiner or health professional can establish that the death occurred “as a direct result of COVID-19, with COVID-19 as a contributing cause of death, or in whom death caused by COVID-19 could not be ruled out,” according to Balram.

“Clearly, our definition was broader than the state’s,” Balram explained. She added that 411 deaths that were eliminated were “clearly not COVID.”

The county presented the case of a person who tested positive for the CCP Virus but died in a car accident when reporting the modifications to the statistics.

“Using the older definition of COVID-19 deaths, a resident who had COVID-19 but died due to another cause, like a car accident, this person would be included in the total number of reported COVID-19 deaths for Alameda County. Under the updated definition of COVID-19 deaths, this person would not be included in the total because COVID-19 was not a contributing factor in the death”, the county reported.

Nicholas Moss, the health officer for Alameda County, who has greater expertise with the HIV/AIDS epidemic, explained that data is not calculated until six months after the preceding year. Whereas CCP Virus data is input regularly, leaving statisticians with less time to guarantee that the recorded statistics fulfill global criteria.

“Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused nearly 600,000 deaths in the United States, the vast majority of infections do not result in death, and deaths due to other causes while infected with COVID-19 are not uncommon. It is important to accurately report deaths due to COVID-19 so that residents and health officials have a more precise understanding of the impact of the pandemic and response actions in our community,” Alameda County wrote in the statement on June 4.

According to Coroner Bob Hill, people who passed away from plainly non-CCP virus conditions are being listed as deaths from CCP Virus in a parallel situation in Monroe County. He evaluated a part of the list of suspected CCP Virus deaths.

In his investigation, the examiner came upon a man who died from unexpected drug abuse. The man died of an overdose in January, but he had been positive for CCP Virus three months earlier in October. As a result, according to Hill, the CCP Virus was documented as a reason leading to his death.

The Illinois Department of Public Health and the governor reacted to Hill’s comments, with the department of health claiming that the data may be updated.

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