A 23-year-old Chicago woman who was angry at Hollywood Studios because she didn’t have a Fast Pass for Disney’s Tower of Terror ended up punching a Disney World cast member in the face and began pressing buttons on the ride, the Orange Country, FL Sheriff reported.

The news was released in the Orlando Sentinel yesterday, July 22 but the incident happened back on July 13th.

The report said that the cast member didn’t press charges for the assault and even attempted to help the girl get fast passes for the ride. The incident occurred in the area where guests are escorted to the library to see the introduction show for the ‘ Twilight Zone ‘ and not the ride itself.

Security was called after the scene began to escalate with family members taunting with profanities on the cast member and recording the incident on their phones.

The girl tried to flee but was later caught by Disney Security.

When the Orange Country Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene, the cast member’s eye was swollen but she refused treatment.

Disney has issued a lifetime ban on the Chicago girl for the incident…

“We don’t tolerate unsafe behavior,” a Disney spokeswoman said when reached for comment.

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