The father of 20-year-old Asia Tucker said she nearly died Saturday night, Aug. 3. But thanks to fast thinking and some assistance from someone at a pool party with hundreds in attendance, she’s going to live, according to 6ABC.

“She remembers running and hiding behind a tree and told someone to tie her leg off and that’s what saved her,” Wayne Tucker said.

Tucker said Asia was one of two women shot in the leg around 8:30 Saturday night at Verree Road’s 9100 blocks in Bustleton.

Just as the sun began to set, a fight broke out. According to Tucker, it was after the fight his daughter was injured.

“She got shot and blew out an artery so she was dead on arrival and they brought her back,” he said.

The other victim was only 18. She was shot in the right knee but is now stable.

“If everyone would put the guns down life would be a lot better,” Tucker said.

Tucker said Asia told him from the hospital bed that the party was promoted on Instagram and that’s why it got so crowded.

The crowd took off in every direction after the shooting. People left clothes, purses, shoes, and bottles scattered all over.

Police spent Sunday morning combing over the scene for clues to find the shooter, even using a metal detector.

Neighbor Mike Novak said with such a huge crowd he knew it wasn’t going to end well.

“I was in my kitchen right here and that’s when I heard the gunshots. I looked out the window and there were just people everywhere,” Novak said.

“Teenagers were coming up to me. The skin on their feet was peeled off and they were bleeding, glass in their feet,” a neighbor who said she was outside in her car as the crowd dispersed. She said children running down the street anywhere there must have been from “100 to 300.”

Now with so many people in attendance police are confident someone knows the shooter and they’ll come forward with that information.

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