Never lie, cheat, steal, or take advantage of others,  are important life lessons we have all learned since childhood. However, some still live for their own benefit and below is a story like that.

While shoppers were busy trying to score deals on Black Friday at the grocery store in Pinellas County, Florida, two women stole a 75-year-old woman’s wallet.

Elderly lady’s wallet carried credit cards with a total value of $5,000, according to law enforcement.

The duo spent over $5,000 in one store, then tried to spend more at another store. But the elderly woman’s cards then were being declined, officers said.

Police tweeted a photo of the two women dressed in black—smiling—as they carried bags out of Target.

If you have information on them, please contact the police department at 727-893-7780. You can also click here to submit an anonymous Crime Stoppers tip online.

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